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Mary Williams

Written By Daria Sneed Hammond, BSN, MSN

It All Makes Biblical Sense

”Yes, I Can” are important words for Mary Williams and for good reasons. She faithfully works her “Yes I Can” ministry while attending Maranatha Bible College & Institute (MCBI). She is a successful student whose biblical education is not totally determined. Yet, she continues to learn more about the Word of God for her ministry, teaching and self-development. Mary has benefitted from the skilled instructors at MBCI who she describes as creative, knowledgeable and committed to the success of each student. She reflects on an instructor who googles right on the spot. He really is an advocate for researching the answers to complicated questions.

This is an approach that is appealing to the Millennials who are noted for using the 5 R’s of research-based, relevance, rationale, relaxed and rapport (Price, 2011). MBCI’s academic culture supports this approach with discussions, examination and critical thinking about the Word of God. Mary says, “Especially in the Hermeneutics I class.” She sighs and says, I was only going to take that course, then I realized how important it is to continue with Hermeneutics II.

Mary has completed five courses to date with a long history of loving to teach the word of God. She says, “It is important to know the Word of God”. When Mary was in her youth, it was common to be “told” and not “taught” the World of God. With each succeeding generation, there has been a gradual transformation of how to deliver biblical teaching. Mary hears the words of her followers who make it clear that “this is not my mother’s religion”. Yet, they attend her program with enthusiasm for learning the Word of God. It is this direction that makes biblical sense to earn an academic degree based on biblical principles.

According to Crawley Career Education Center in Washington, D.C., a degree in biblical studies offers careers as teachers, counselors, journalists, historians, humanitarians, fundraisers, advocacy, public policy management, and clergy.

There are a number of professional organizations, career fairs and professional events that students can participate in for further exploration. God’s Word is invaluable for knowledge, wisdom and personal growth. In the words of Mary Williams, “Get with a place where the bible is taught which is Maranatha Bible College & Institute.”

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